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Other services

As well as designing and building a professional website for your business, we can also offer some additional services to support this, such as domain hosting and creating email accounts.

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Domain Purchase

You can buy a commercial domain name ending in etc. You can buy your domain names via SiteBuilder’s domain manager, our prices start from £25+vat for a 2 year registration.

If you’ve already got a domain name you would like to link to your SiteBuilder Bespoke website we will do this as part of our Bespoke service and manage it all for you.

Email set up

Providing we manage your commercial domain we can set up a professional email address attached to your domain. Many businesses prefer to have a commercial email address because its viewed as more professional.

To set up a pop pack email account with up to 10 email addresses costs £35+ vat with an annual management fee of £35+ vat. Our email service includes webmail and can be easily accessed on your mobile or tablet device.

Logo Design

If your current logo seems a bit homemade and you're looking for professional logo design our designers are here to help. We understand the difference a great logo can make to your online presence and how customers view your brand. We will take your idea and turn it into a professional logo which enforces your brand.


If you're looking for an image refresh and complete design overhall to your logo, business branding and online presence, our experienced professional designers can create an effective brand design to strengthen your company image and promote your services/products.

Business Cards

If you'd like some new business cards to reflect your online presence we can include the cost of design and print within the website package we put together for you. Our professional designers can create business cards that stand out from the crowd and provide consistency between your online and offline presence.

Social Media Branding

A new website is the perfect opportunity to promote your business through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But wouldn't it be great if your new website design and branding was carried through to your social media profiles creating a consistent brand message for your customers? We can include Social Media branding within the bespoke package we create for you, just ask...

Studio Service

All SiteBuilder Bespoke websites include an easy to use 'Content Management System' which enables you to make updates to your site yourself. However, we appreciate that there may still be times when you want to call in the professionals, and this is what our Studio Service was created for.

Charged by the hour, Studio Service allows us to make changes to your site on your behalf so whether you're looking for a design refresh, a site restructure, adding an e-shop or indeed anything else you'd like done to your site, get in touch and we'd be happy to help. 

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