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What's special about SiteBuilder BESPOKE?

SiteBuilder Bespoke is a website design service with a difference. It is built on a unique technology platform that enables us to build extremely powerful and visually stunning websites quickly and efficiently. 

The technology platform is hugely flexible and this enables us to customise both the design and the functionality of each website to suit your exact needs. Its features are comparable to those used to power the biggest websites on the internet, allowing you to confidently compete with competitors many times your size.

Around this technology platform we have created a service designed to fulfill what businesses want from a web design service. The website we create for you will be unique to you, tailored to achieve your specific objectives, and with a design that reflects your brand and values. 

Knowledgeable account management

From the moment you contact us, you will be put in touch with an experienced account manager who understands what makes a successful website.

They will listen to what you want to achieve and will provide advice on how this can best be realised. They will NOT confuse you with 'techno-babble' and will not attempt to 'pressure sell' to you.

Indeed, in the unlikely event that they feel that SiteBuilder Bespoke cannot deliver what you need then they will say so. Our account managers are not sales people and are not on commission.

They are experienced web professionals and their brief is to give you the best possible advice.

Creating a specification for your website

If you do decide to go ahead with a project, then your account manager will work with you to define a detailed specification for your website. This is very much a two-way process - they'll ask you questions and listen to what you want to achieve.

They'll suggest options for how this can be accomplished and discuss any queries you might have. 

Once you've decided which options you wish to proceed with, your account manager will write this up as a 'functional specification' and this will be used to determine how your site will be built.

Graphic design

Most projects will involve some element of graphic design. Your account manager will help and advise you on how to get the most out of this during your initial consultation.

The graphic designers who work on SiteBuilder Bespoke projects are all very experienced and highly creative.

They understand how graphic design can be used to convey business values and themes, and will be looking to create a 'look and feel' for your site that communicates with your target audience.

If you already have an established brand, logo and colours then these can be applied. Alternatively, some or all of these elements can be created as part of the process.

The build!

Depending on what you've agreed with your account manager, the build of your site may include us setting up the page structure and navigation, laying out content on specific pages, adding special features such as news, forms, document download areas and so on.

...Optional eShop

If you've chosen to sell via your website then we may also be involved in setting up your e-shop and providing advice on how to make the most of this powerful feature. We provide end to end eCommerce soutions, which include comprehensive product and sales management facilities alongside an intuative shopping experience for your customers.

Help & advice

We can also provide advice on issues such as the legislation surrounding websites and the search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that can be used to help websites get ranked on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


Once we've built your website for you we'll hand it over to you and ensure that you are completely happy with the final product.


Our costs are always clear - we've created a menu of costs which will enable you to pick and choose exactly which services you want included in your project, and have also put together a range of great value fixed-price packages which cover the most popular mix of services that are requested.

If you're unsure about which package would best suit you, or how to cost-up your own tailored mix of services, then please feel free to contact us and one of our account managers will be only too pleased to help.


As part of the handover process you will be offered an optional training session. This will help you understand how to best manage your website and make the most of the powerful features it contains.

The training will cover basic management skills such as how to update your site using the integrated Content Management System as well as showing you how to look after any of the special features that may have been included (e.g. how to run an e-shop, managing discussion forums etc.)

It also gives the account manager an opportunity to answer any questions you may have and provide some useful hints and tips on subjects such as promoting your website, search engine optimisation (SEO), writing effective website copy and how to successfully sell online.

Content Management System

All SiteBuilder Bespoke sites incorporate a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to make updates and changes to the site after we've handed it over to you.

This is a really powerful feature and allows you to do anything from changing a piece of text or adding a new picture through to managing news articles, adding whole new pages or even completely changing the structure or design of your site.

If your site features an e-shop, you'll also have access to a dedicated section of the content management system which enables you to manage your catalogue, process sales and issue invoices etc. The benefit of all of this functionality is the flexibility it provides you with to ensure that you stand out from the crowd with your online presence.

Running your website/Ongoing support

Obviously, the design and build of your website is just the beginning of the process. Once we complete the handover and training there's still plenty to do to keep your website up to date and get yourself noticed on the internet.

The good news is that you'll have all the tools necessary to do this yourself, but if you do wish to keep us involved either by carrying out updates to your site, or by managing any internet marketing campaigns (such as keyword advertising, e-mail marketing or search engine optimisation) on your behalf then of course we'd be only too happy to do so.

Either way, we'll always be on hand to lend help and support whenever you need it and will be contactable by telephone or e-mail.


With SiteBuilder Bespoke we believe we have created a website design and build service perfectly in tune with the needs of the vast majority of businesses and organisations.

So, if you are considering updating your site, or having a new one built, then why not give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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